1 million acts of kindness

Do you watch The Project on channel 10? If so you'll know what I'm harping on about. If not, then I shall explain.  Last night they did a feature on an organisation called 1Million Acts of Kindness. It's all about sharing the love and helping others out - making you feel good and the person/people you've helped out great too. I jumped onto their website and really want to take on their 8 week challenge. It's a free challenge which starts mid-May and they give you daily examples of how to be kind, such as letting someone in front of you when you're in a queue. I'm thinking of creating a team and basically want to know if you would like to be extra nice with me for 8 weeks. I think this is such a lovely idea and I'm keen to get moving on it.

I watched this video last night on the website and it's so cool. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and i seriously want to do this (i'm running the Gold Coast 10km marathon - wonder if they'd do this for me!! haha).

So are you into making people feel all warm and fuzzy? 

Would you like to make someone's day shine a bit brighter? 

If so, please head on over to my facebook page and show your interest by commenting on the post about this. 

tara louise.

PS. They also have a pinterest page.

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