I'm almost there.

It has been a bit quiet on the blog front. I've been getting back to normal, recovering and hibernating - it's cold here you know! This week was my first week back to "normal". Driving, tutoring, full time work, cleaning and college. It was pretty tough at the beginning of the week - Tuesday was THE LONGEST day ever and I was absolutely pooped (and seriously sore) by the time I got home at 9:30pm. But I'm getting back into the swing of things. My legs got shaved (because I can lean forward now - a treat i know!), i rejoined the gym (commencing when i can at least walk normally again. i'm getting close), i painted my nails pink, attempted to treat myself to a pedicure today (unsuccessful but the thought was there), food is being baked and dishes and clothes are getting washed. I'm getting there.

I enjoyed my week off though. No pressures to do anything. I enjoyed it and think I need to stop pressuring myself to do everything. I've obviously done a bit of soul searching while flat out on the couch for days. Who knew!? I thought I was just watching the Kardashians and Grey's Anatomy. 

I feel like i'm coming back. In a slightly different way.
A better version of me. A more relaxed, why stress out me. 

tara louise. 

Melissa {Suger}  – (Monday, July 09, 2012)  

Welcome back lovely. Welcome back. xo

Tara  – (Tuesday, July 10, 2012)  

thanks! it's good to be back x

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