Monday: Make. Create. Sew

(Digital Pinhole Camera)

This morning after reading this post over at A Beautiful Mess I decided I was going to have a crack at making a pinhole 7:30am. I was feeling too impatient to do it with 35mm film, so googled a digital version and came across this tutorial. All I needed was alfoil, my digital SLR, some black paper and some tape. My camera looked mighty ugly (forgot to take a photo of time!), but I was still excited to see if it would actually work.  I'd read it worked better in sunlight so went out the front to take the first photo.

It actually worked, see....

                 ....well kinda. pretty good for a first go i thought.

turned out it must have been beginners luck....the rest of the shots i took were either completely black or a shade of brown or blue....

I think the circle may have shifted across the alfoil pinhole. So this was what I did before the husband and son woke up.....another adventure perfecting the digital pinhole SLR will come about in the not so distant future I'm sure.

Enjoy your last day of the long weekend, or what's left of it,

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