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oh you've gotta love a long weekend.

we have a long weekend this weekend because it's ANZAC day today. a day where we remember the fallen (and still-standing) soldiers who have fought for our land. every year i go and march with my grandpa at the dawn service. we meet at 4:30am and it finishes up about 6:15am . mum + dad are in melbourne this weekend so mum didn't come, but i went as usual with grandpa and my aunt. it's a beautiful morning, even if i am half asleep for the rest of the day.

(all photos by me...except the last one, that's by the nice man who took our photo)

on friday afternoon i finally got my long-awaited for pin cushion! the best thing is, it is a pin cushion i've been wanting to make for ages but have just never got around to, so thanks Karen (and Kate at Fox's Lane for organising the pin cushion swap)!

my pin cushion jar filled with goodies.

i think for the rest of the weekend i'll get stuck into some sewing for next weekends HandMade Market. sounds good to me.

lauren carney  – (Sunday, April 25, 2010)  

ms tara louise,
i love your little blog,
and adore that you dedicated a post to anzac day,
it looks like you had a really nice time.
take care ,
and have fun being inspired x

Kate  – (Monday, April 26, 2010)  

Yay! That is the most gorgeous pin cushion. I love the pink fabric and that it is a storage container too. Thanks so much for playing. X

tara louise  – (Tuesday, April 27, 2010)  

thanks lauren and kate!
anzac day is a pretty big thing in our family as all my grandparents and great grnadparents were in either one of the world wars. it's a beautiful service :o)

and kate i was so happy with my pin cushion. and i had a great time designing an dmaking mine. thanks again! x

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