Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

(Love it.)

stripes & florals
stripes & florals by taralouise featuring Miss Selfridge skirts

i posted about stripes and florals about a month ago i think and i just can't get this amazing combo out of my head. i just love them both together!! i acquired another striped top on the weekend - $2 country road t-shirt from a garage sale down the road) and i just love it. i also got a pair of floral shorts from the same garage sale (also for $2) and paired them together immediately. i just love it love it love it!!

the other thing i'm loving at the moment is the stapler i treated myself to the other day. i have quite a love affair with stationery and can find joy in the simplest of stationery items, but this is my new love...

a green baby stapler from smiggle. being a teacher, i've seen smiggle everywhere in the classroom and had never really had a good look in-store. i was surprised and extremely delighted to discover how cheap it is! and how many great things there are in there (however i could easily ban ALOT of their products from the classroom!) this little baby was only $4.95!! and it takes baby sized staples (No. 10) and is oh so simple to use. i love love love it too!

enjoy the rest of your week,

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