Monday: Make. Create. Sew

here is a quick and easy peasy little project to do that i finished on saturday. i'm not sure if i came up with this idea myself or if i've seen it somewhere else, but either way i'm loving it. it's useful to add a splash of colour to an area that's a bit boring but doesn't have a huge amount of space to do anything in.

step one.     get a length of wood about 1 inch wide and about 2cm thick. i also wanna have a go of doing it                on a stick. think it could also work very well!

step two.     paint different coloured stripes all up and down it in differing thicknesses and shades.

step three.    there is no step 3, other than pop it up and enjoy it!

(i apologise again for the very messy kitchen!! which is why i'm not making it any bigger!)

i nailed it into the wall in one spot just to make sure it didn't fall down.

easy huh! and nice and bright :o)

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