Saturday + Sunday: Stripey Sticks + Sticky Fingers

so today i decided i'd do some creating and sewing because i felt like i hadn't stepped into my sewing room to do anything useful for ages. after the boys left i got stuck into it.

i finished the stripey stick project i started last's going to go on the top of the window in the kitchen.

and i started to finish a project i've had on the go for awhile.
i made myself a keyring ages and ages ago and have finally got around to getting dad to cut some more circles out for me.
long story short, i also finally got around to having a play with the resin to cover them with.
i sat down and started working out what i was going to do.
all was going well.
i had to eat some yoghurt to get a container i could throw out,
(this took up a bit of time as i started watching a sex and the city marathon while eating it and ended up sitting there for 2 episodes).
husband turns up while i'm mixing it all up.
he has a whinge about the smell
 (just came back from a lovely walk along the beach and the house still stinks)
watches me and keeps distracting me as i'm pouring it on.
then says i did a great job.
 i knew i was doing a great job, didnt need him telling me that!
however, because i'm not much of a measurer, or a follower of instructions (even though i did read them), as i was trying to make the doily sit in the resin it was spilling everywhere (i clearly didn't get the parts of hardener to resin correct) and therefore was getting all over my hands (the instructions also say to wear gloves. meh, i thought. they also said to use in a well vetilated area. i said meh to that too).
husband is pissing himself laughing at me.
i told him to do something useful and go get me some kebab sticks (to use as chopsticks and prop up my keyring).
i accomplish that, just to realise how much resin is all over my hands.
far out.
i washed with soap, (with the aid of husband turning on the taps etc)
thought it was right, until i was still sticking to everything.
so cleaned my hands with oil. still no good. then got husband to pour more dishwashing liquid onto my hands. no good. spray oil. soap. spray oil. soap. soap. garlic oil.
don't know what i would have done if he hadn't been there!!
thought i was done. i wasn't.
ended up just putting tissue to the still sticky bits and getting about all arvo with tissue bits stuck to my hands.
most of the stick is off now, but i still have tissue stuck to my hands/fingers.

moral of the story: sometimes instructions really are there for a reason!
job for tomorrow...get gloves in the shopping and a measuring cup!

(this was after all the washing and oiling. yes that's also cat fur stuck to my fingers too)

enjoy your weekend,

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