Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

...and a late post for mondays, all in one. yay!

a friend got me onto a site called wordle last week sometime after i'd been raving about polyvore.

this wordle site is great as it's like polyvore but uses only words and is slightly more random.

you simply input text (individual words work best) with spaces between them.
the more of one word (you copy and paste in) the bigger that word will be.

or you can do as i did to play around and enter your blog address and a random set of words is added to your wordle "page".

once all the words are in, you can generally have a play around with the layout and direction of the text then print out your amazing new creation.

but beware...if you randomize your creation, every randomization is lost if you don't save each one you like.
so there's no....."ah i like that one, oh i'll see what else comes up" i have been told it's very dissapointing.

i'm still playing around with this site and learning all it's little quirks.
i did find out though how to save my image without printing it, and am now hoping i can get it on here!
here goes....

Wordle: Untitled

well it's on here....this is what it looks like after i thought to myself, "nup that's too small"

Wordle: Untitled

so they aren't too blogger or save friendly, but i have worked out how to get it into a word document, just have to learn how to get it into jpeg now!

but i love it anyway. the amazing creations that can be made with this thing is huge
(once i work out the whole saving in a better format with higher resolution thing!)

i was very excited.

the other thing i'm half excited - half gutted about is that victoria from sfgirlbybay is doing another mash-up called pin it forward.
this is less about individual bloggers and what inspires them like the previous blog it forward and more about tagging photos you like on the internet and re-tagging entries you like on the site.
so you eventually end up with a pinboard of inspiration (all with the original source attached! i think i was more excited about this coz i'm hopeless at remembering where i found things)
i was so excited to read it, then so sad to see all the spots were gone.
however, i did get onto the waiting list, so scored myself an invitation to the pinterest site.
 am yet to have a good play on it though.

wow, just looked back and have seen that this is a very wordy post.
better add a nice photo to balance out the end.

( found at weheartit)

my theme for project 365 + my place your place is yellow this week so this is a befitting photo.

enjoy the rest of the week,

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