Saturday + Sunday: Shelves+Swedish Design

i've been busting to get more shelves into our kitchen for ages and this weekend i finally got them!
we had no bench space because it was covered with spices, oils and a thousand and one other things.
and while it's still not clean at the moment, i'll be up bright and early cleaning it in the morning, and well, it's better than it was!

and well swedish design can only mean one thing.
we took a family trip up to ikea today, making sure we got there for brekky and before the hoards of people arrived. 
we were checking out more shelving for our laundry seeing as i finally got rid of the surfboard rack that was taking up all my laundry space.
so excited!! 
i never thought i'd get excited about a laundry.
huh, how things change when you actually have a house!
(a big tara louise today)

The Sice Family  – (Sunday, May 16, 2010)  

You can never get enough of kitchen storage, hey? Looks like you might need a bigger pantry more than anything! Well, there's proof you're cooking and not eating takeaway every night.
Wendy :)

tara louise  – (Wednesday, May 19, 2010)  

just a pantry would be great!

it does look cleaner than this now, got stuck into it the other day :o)

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