Saturday + Sunday: School Holidays + (the) Shop

this weekend is the start of the 2 week school holidays. yay for that! i can't believe it is nearly july already. how did that happen?

 i love lists, i keep a lot of them and i have the biggest list of things to do these holidays....

one |    clean the house (general tidy up)
two |    sort out the kitchen
three  |   sort out the computer area
four  |   clean out my sewing room
five  |    tidy up our bedroom (as you can see my list contains lots of cleaning!!)
six  |     get ready for the handmade market
seven  |   sew the rest of the bibs
eight  |    sew up some more stuff for the market
nine  |    op-shop marathon of the coast
ten  |     get our shelving for shop
eleven  |   trip to ikea
twelve  |   get outfit for lj hooker ball to attend with husband
thirteen  |   organise suppliers for the shop
fourteen  |   get ready for market stall at zumbathon
fifteen  |   finish the dining table
sixteen  |  re-upholster the $4 garage sale chair
seventeen  |  get the shop organised and as ready as possible before school goes back

i was hoping these would be relaxing holidays where i could recharge before i start working a thousand hours a week..but it doesn't appear that that will be the case.
ah well, it's all in good fun and most of it is stuff i really enjoy doing
(the rest of it are the cleaning jobs).

a busy couple of weeks ahead by the looks of things!

and because this is an extremely boring post.....a photo for good measure:

(found here)
(this photo reminds me of our new years eve at copacobana this year.
all the flowers washed up on the beach)

enjoy the rest of the weekend,

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