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so here it is for this week. the my place + yours challenge theme over at hello owl is what do you look like when you wake up?

i wake up and see my poppy (her real name is bella) at the end of the bed.
then i took this photo before my shower.

(this one doesn't need to go super large)

and by the way that white mark on my face is paint on the mirror. didnt see it until right now!

join in and show us what you look like when you first wake up.

Danielle  – (Tuesday, July 06, 2010)  

I'm really loving this challenge. So much fun. I love your bed spread and your t-shirt, so cute. What word is behind you in the mirror.

Laura  – (Saturday, July 10, 2010)  

ooh, what colour nail polish have you got on? Looks like an eggplant-y colour...

Tara  – (Sunday, July 11, 2010)  

oh danielle, your comment showed up finally!!! haha

laura, it's like a bright purple in real life. they were well and truly chipped and in need of a touch up!! haha. meh. i've seen lotsa colours like it over here (got mine in brazil) :o)

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