Monday: Make. Create. Sew

well, i was so not motivated to do anything today. but i did do a couple of things. i finished my envelope project (click icon at side) and it's ready to send to pip at meet me at mike's.

here is what went into my envelope:

and i also got around to making some homemade crayons. however me being me didn't want boring bottom of the muffin tin crayons, i wanted pretty ones. in the art of experimentation, i'd found some cool heart moulds in ikea which were ice moulds, but thought if it was silicone it might hold up in the oven.
it didn't.
but i caught it in time (as i was watching it constantly!) and it didn't completely melt into a big liquid red mess.

here was the result.

as you can see, they did work.
just need to find some metal heart tins!

i was quite proud of the effort made : )

hopefully tomorrow inspiration and motivation will come.

stripeymonkey :)  – (Monday, July 05, 2010)  

i love what you put in your envelope- i must get on with mine! and the crayons are fab!

linda :)

Tara  – (Tuesday, July 06, 2010)  

thanks linda. i've been procrastinating over it for ages! finally looked at what other people had put in theirs! haha


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