My Place + Yours

what's on your fridge? is the theme for this weeks my place + yours

i don't like having anything on the front of the fridge, as i think it adds clutter to our very cluttered kitchen. however i'm sure this will change when we have kiddies that want to proudly display their paintings. we put most of our things on the side of the fridge...

as you can see our fridge is complete with a box of wine (seeing as it's winter), a weekly meal planner, a few photos, lennards cooking guide, and emergency numbers.
boring but practical

Sarah Slaven  – (Tuesday, July 20, 2010)  

There is nothing wrong with being practical and organized I could do with a bit of it around here.

Cherie  – (Tuesday, July 20, 2010)  

All the essentials of life - love it! Have a great week ;-)

Tara  – (Wednesday, July 21, 2010)  

thanks girls :o) enjoy the rest of the week.

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