Monday: Make. Create. Sew

so a few weeks ago in the self-portrait my place and yours i was asked what lettering was behind me in the photo. it was a project i'd been meaning to do for ages after i'd seen it on a blog somewhere (found the link) and finally got around to doing it at the start of the year.

so here's my easy peasy tutorial for fabric wall decals:

step one | cut out your fabric in whatever shape you like

step two | make a mixture of liquid starch
               (this makes a ridiculous amt of liquid, way more than what you probably need, but i will give
                  you the recipe i use)
step three | mix 1/4 cup plain flour with 1/2 cup cold water. add 4 cups of boiling water and mix till clear-ish.
step four | now grab a nice big paintbrush, hold you fabric where you want it to go and start painting on your
                cornflour mixture. i found it easier to start at the top, so the first few brushes held it onto the wall.

and that's it! once you've painted it on leave it to dry and that's it. when you're bored of it simply peel it off the wall. it makes no marks on the wall at may need to wipe off dried mixture with a damp cloth though.  so simple!

and while i've got you here, i have to share the great things i got while checking out my fave opshop today. i was so very excited!!!
(yep blurry but you can see everything better. love the missoni style tea cosy complete with pom poms)

i just love these sheets (read: new very cheap fabric).
now, i know this op shop is a great one.
i always find something in there to buy, but i have never seen this much vintage fabric in the one opshop on one day.
it made my day seeing as my dad and i popped in there just because we were around the corner.
it was clearly meant to be!

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