Saturday+Sunday: Sewing+Stalls

i'm home for what feels like the first time since friday afternoon (which was spent madly sewing to get everything finished for saturday). yesterday was super busy with 2 x markets and hours of zumba-ing. today has just been busy doing bits and pieces. yesterday i had the july HandMade market: Currumbin and then a Zumbathon where i also had a stall.

the day went something like this. wake up at 6am. decide what the weather was going to do while it was still dark. rely heavily on the silly weather man (who turned out not to be so silly!) and decide to hold the market. take a lot of calls and watch facebook and hotmail like a hawk to see who i had to turn up to it. finish making labels and getting ready. try and find the drill bits, super glue, eye pins and keather to finish making necklaces for market #2 (i gave up by the way). 8am start market. unpack all my stuff. set it up. sell sell sell (good good good). pack it all up at 12 noon. put it all in the car. drive and get people to car pool to zumba. get to zumba. unpack all my stuff. set it up. sell a bit. stand in doorway and freeze. leave all my stuff on the table and hope it wasn't going to be stolen. do 2 1/2 hrs of zumba. ditch the cool down. find all my stuff still there (yay!). stand in cold by my stall again. find out i'd made money while i was zumba-ing (yay!). wait for someone to buy something. pack it all back up again. drive home. get home at 6:30pm. zonked.

so yay it ended up being such a lovely day yesterday. i was so happy! and we had 6 brave people turn up and sell their handmade goods. was better than i thought it would be. i was expecting it to be  a flop.

me at the zumbathon stall...after the class.

and i thought while i'm here i'd post the picture of the alyson hill eco travel covers that i was raving on about in this post ...i finally got around to making some.

i love them to bits!! love them love them love them.

enjoy the rest of the weekend. one week of holidays left for me. yay.

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