how has it got to tuesday afternoon already?

time is just flying away from me at the moment. i might not do my normal posts this week while i sort out my head and organise my time better.

i'm having a bit of a time managment issue with school starting back, actually getting work on the first day back at school (unheard of  and bloody typical), getting the shop organised and ready in 3 weeks, being on a new elimination diet which requires me to eat not much else but pears, rice and potatoes, but means i have to make all my food from scratch (and in turn is making me very tired and lacking in the energy department), taking my sneezing poppy bear (the cat) to the vet and finding time to make my sisters birthday present, sew for the shop, clean the house, do project 365 and spend time with husband, lucas, ma, pa and grandpa.

i've got a list a mile long but all i want to do is sit on the couch and watch "the city".
anyone else have this issue??

(photo from here)

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