Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.


i really really really want a cyclone iceblock right now. still on my elimination diet (think i mentioned it) and i'm busting to eat a selection of food again. watching masterchef has been killing me!! but right now i want a cyclone. my iceblock of choice for ages.


i've been trying to think of something i could do with, but all that's coming to me is sleep. i need to go to bed. so that's it. boring but true!

(found here)


i've been doing zumba for about 6mths now i think and i love love love it!! wednesday night is zumba night

 and it's the best workout without feeling as though you are working out. there is no judgement, you have lots of fun and dance as ghetto as you like without feeling like a tool. i highly recommend it for those who haven't tried it!
and i also LOVE this blog that i've just discovered through facebook: style milk for fashion, interiors and kids. it's cute.

nighty night,

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