Monday: Make. Create. Sew

on saturday i went on my very first outing to the races. i was planning on wearing this, however when i went to get the dress, it was sold out. so settled for a cute skirt instead. but then came the dilemna of what to wear on my head. i'd bought a $5 headband but it didn't really match what the skirt, so had to find a new one. well i looked and tried on every headpiece in the new fancy diva-like store, but i wasn't sold. as per usual, i decided i'd have to make my own just the way i wanted it. so here it is...

i got the pattern of this tutorial on design sponge (scroll down towards the bottom)
 which i'd favourited ages ago. knew it would come in handy!!

it was so easy to make. i did it friday arvo while catching up on my tv shows.
attached it to a bit of elastic and ta-daaaa...a pretty floral headpiece.

and here it is in action...

i thought it was so cute.
and i love the skirt to bits!!
even if it is too big for me at the moment...a cute bow brooch at the back fixed that.

that's all for today as i'm stressing out and have a million and one things flying around my brain at any one time at the moment. tchau for now,

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