Monday: Make. Create. Sew

don't have much to report on this front.
i had the opportunity to sew yesterday afternoon for the first time in ages and inspiration just wouldnt come.
i had a play and have started making some necklaces.
it really came this morning.
if i'd had all day i'm sure i could have come up with and created something amazing.
i had to work in the shop though. so it came and now it's gone again.
i'm making some necklaces inspired by these from jackie bos...

i have nothing left in my market box (as i emptied it out in the shop so i had something to sell there :)  )
the next market will be a big one i think as it coincides with the swell sculpture festival.
i seriously need to get sewing and make some new stuff.

do you get bored of making the same stuff?
i do.
i always sell out of my bibs and feel like i should keep making more because they sell, but i'm kinda over making them.
i make a few of things then get bored of it.
maybe there's something wrong with me! haha

hope your week is dandy.

tara louise.

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