Saturday + Sunday: Seen + Salvaged

what glorious weather we've had this weekend! crossing my fingers and toes that spring is well and truly on its way. worked in the shop yesterday then went out for dinner with the fam for grandpa's 86th birthday. i ate so much stuff i shouldnt have eaten. so over the diet!

today we went to pottsville markets. i got the most awesome little table for a super cheap $10. i was very happy with my buy! husband wasn't too impressed. i won him over by saying it was going to the shop but i think i may just keep it for myself!

i also treated myself to an extra tasty lychee iceblock for $1.50. nice.

husband is at another bbq.
 i'm supposed to be sewing but don't know what to sew.
(i should really be cleaning the house as it's a pig-sty. meh)
have been checking out lots of blogs to inspire me.
found a few things i'm liking.
i'm off to have a play.

tara louise.

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