a day at home......

this is the first day at home that i've had in ages. i slept in till 8am too. would have liked to have done a bigger post but i've got a super dooper messy house to clean, i have markets on saturday and nothing much to sell at the moment and a long list of other things that need doing. fun and games! but thought while i had a few minutes that i didn't HAVE to do something, i'd write on here.

actually i might just link to some posts i've liked the past few days (still manage to check out much loved blogs!)

what can a dollar get you?

love these beautiful live floral headbands over at wikstenmade

a list of 49 creative things you can do today. i might try some of these today!

a simple scarf that can be used in summer too. maybe

beautiful prints from printspace via stylemilk

that's about it for now. i feel like this post needs a photo though. very quickly as my washing needs to be hung out and the next load needs to go in.

(tara louise)
completely un-photoshopped. can you tell??!! haha
ah well.

tara louise.

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