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camping was this weeks theme over at danimezza for the polly dolly challenge.

now i don't camp. well we don't camp. neither of us. i went to school camps and they have scarred me for life. the closest we've got to camping as a family is hopping in a britz van and road tripping it down to sydney. we stopped at caravan parks but tried very hard to find a park with available ensuite bathrooms and a cabin if possible. we were well and truly over it by the end of our massive 10 day trip there and back. haha. if i had my way and i had to camp, i've agreed to a 12 man tent for the 3 of us or alternatively one of the mercedes caravans. now i know i'm coming off as a bit of a princess, but i'm not (i don't think!), i just don't do camping. but if i did, this is what i'd wear...

now i realised after i'd published the set that i'd picked the same top as dani.
it clearly works for camping!
i lived in jumpers, shorts and tights on our roadtrip.
sunnies, hat and cons/boots are a must.
havaianas are also a must and very handy (although not in the set).
a camera for getting random shots when bored.
dry shampoo as you never was your hair as often as while at home.
my phone...for music, games and general entertaining. and facebook on the go.
sketchbook and pencil for getting down those bursts of inspiration or for playing games while bored.
i also realised i forgot a pack of cards.
cheap, small...hours of entertainment.

tara louise.

Anonymous –   – (Friday, September 24, 2010)  

Great minds think alike :)

Linda  – (Saturday, September 25, 2010)  

Ha Ha, this made me smile, especially as you sound like Paul. He doesn't camp either so as a result no one in this family does camping. Holly told Paul (Dad) this week that she thinks our family is odd because we do not own a tent!

Tara  – (Thursday, September 30, 2010)  

haha linda. might be true, but not the worst thing in the world!

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