polly dolly x2

2 weeks of polly dolly in one.

last weeks was fashion week themed.

basics. classic. bit girly. funked up with an acid yellow or teal accessories. red lips. my ipod for the fashion week app to know whats what...and to play games when the shows are running late. and a pencil and paper to get down some awesome designs and inspiration.

this weeks theme is retro.

i think retro and i think seventies. i'm a hippy at heart and mum and dad thought i shoulda been born then! i do however like the 50s styles too.
2 dress options. a pair of flares and cool tee. a pair of chunky (modern) tan platforms.
tanned satchel. classic watch. simple bangles.
gloves for the 2 dress options.
and a polaroid is a must.
thats one thing i miss about those days.... i wish i had a polaroid that i could actually afford the film for!
never happened for me.

tara louise.

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