three blogs on thursday

here are 3 blogs that i've discovered during the week that i'm enjoying at the moment...

bindi booth
for pretty hand-drawn pictures that i wish i could draw myself. cute as a button it is.

it's just so pretty. soft. girly. pastelly (it's a word! maybe haha). but not too florally. it's just sweet and pretty.

an online magazine with great articles and great visual aids. not your normal run of the mill...turn to next page online mag, but it scrolls all the way across the page. much more interesting and appealing if you ask me! thanks linda for the referral to this one!!

will be back later on today with all the stuff i promised in this post.

tara louise.

Linda  – (Monday, September 06, 2010)  

Hi Tara,
So glad you found it and like the magazine. I meant to ask you about it on Saturday.
Have a great week, talk soon.

Wolf and Willow  – (Tuesday, September 07, 2010)  

well, aren't you a sweetie! thanks so much... you described me to a tee ;) if pastelly isn't a word, it should be!

Tara  – (Wednesday, September 08, 2010)  

linda, it's a great mag! thanks!!

wolf and willow...loving your blog. it's delightful :o)


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