mag mad monday

heré s a random post for you seeing as i haven't posted in awhile. been busy busy busy.

i've noticed in my travels the last few weeks that there are lots of online mags popping up everywhere. have you noticed that too?

i do love magazines. i think it's in my genes. my grandpa and mum love them too. i just can't get enough of them. even when i'm very poor, i still find money for magazines. it gets a bit expensive this hobby. although i am better than i used to be! so i am LOVING all the free ones cropping up all over the place.

these are the ones i've discovered the last couple of weeks...

maeve : australian
Maeve cover

charlie : australia

adore home : australia

lmnop: australia
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magazine full of kiddies things, but great for inspiration.

by fryd. : scandinavia
(while this one is mainly in scandinavian, there is an english version, but it is just a delightful look. it's all just beautiful.)

enjoy the free-dom of online mags.
i'm loving the last one so much!!

tara louise.

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