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Here are 3  blogs that i've stumbled upon over the past week...

chock full of handy hints on how to build your business and how to run a legal page on facebook. all the "rules"on what you can and can't do on a facebook page in simple, easy to understand terms. thanks a bunch for that!!

delightful images. pretty things. inspiring bits and bobs. stationery.

an awesome project by Jen of indie fixx where you can download free art. friggen amazing! love it to bits : )

some of the artworks you can download...

i was wondering the other day about what draws me to blogs and what makes me add them as a's my compiled list.

1 |   the name. it needs to be interesting and intriguing.
2 |    the banner/header has to be inviting and eye catching.
3 |    the first post must be awesome.
4 |   if any of these things don't take my fancy straight away i'll generally cancel out and go back to wherever i was.
5 |   if there's tutorials...they MUST have pictures. i hate tutorials without pictures or just with video.

um, i think that's about it.

pop on over and check out the blogs above...

tara louise.

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