finders keepers + op shop finds

i was going to do this post last night however ended up making a mouse trap car (we ended up copying this dude's video tutorial) that needed to be due in today. so here it is this morning instead.

on the weekend i had many markets i wanted to get to. i had my handmade market on the saturday morning which clashed with nothing, but on sunday i wanted to go to finders keepers, the young designer market, the village markets and then read about little jane st's yard sale.  i was already going to finders keepers, so decided to stick to the one side of brisbane and go to finders keepers and little jane st.

I was pretty excited when i walked into winn st and saw the flamingo cafe too!

i was then really excited to get some mt tape and bakers twine from little jane st.
i finally have mt tape!! yeehhaaaaa.
thats a whole post all for itself : )

after driving around in circles for abit (damn you brisbane and your one way streets), we found our way the very close distance to the old museum where finders keepers was. i didn't buy much but loved just seeing how everyone else displays their products on their tables.
i'm always trying to better the look of my table at the markets.
there were 4 rooms full of lovely designers and pretty goodies linked by stalls on the verandah.

i was pretty excited to see the frankie stall too.
and so excited about their new book spaces to be released in a couple of weeks.

i took ma and pa with me and met a friend up there, but unfortunately couldnt stay all day as i had to come back and clean out my house.
wasn't going to wait until my husband didn't feel like it anymore!!
i had a short timeframe and had to act quickly.

i had a great day.
came back full of inspiration.
wish i was as clever as some of the other peeps out there!

tara louise.

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