so i know i only have like 45 fans on my facebook page but i figure you've got to start somewhere and that i should reward the the lovely ladies who have "liked" me already.

so on saturday 20th nov 2010 at 7pm (est), i will be drawing a winner from my the fans of my page tara louise designs . (you can also get there by clicking the facebook link at the right)

the winner will get a one of a kind, custom made necklace (made by me of course!!) .

so if you're not already a fan or liker of my page, may i suggest you click this link and like me quick smart. the winner will be announced here on saturday evening.

i am going to try and do these giveaways every couple of months for facebook likers and for my blog followers.

(found here) *writing by me

* i am doing this giveaway on the blog as it is illegal to do giveaways on facebook now and i'm also unable to promote it on my wall.

tara louise.

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