where to sell??

now i don't know if anyone actually reads this blog, so i possibly won't get any responses, but i'll put it out there anyway.

just after feedback to see what platform everyone else uses to sell their products on. which works best for you??

i was going to try a fancy voting poll box thingy but can't work out how to get it in the post and not on the sidebar....

does bigcartel, facebook, blogger, etsy, made it or a proper website work best for you?? anything else out there thats a great platform to sell your pretties from that i don't know about??

please leave a comment.

tara louise.

the runaway romantique  – (Wednesday, November 17, 2010)  

Personally I think etsy is a great place to start out, and if you're established then bigcartel would be great to expand :) hope this helps!

your blog is so lovely, I just wanted to say hello and maybe we could follow each other!

- the runaway

Tara  – (Wednesday, November 17, 2010)  

thanks for the comment!
your blog is lovely too..will follow you right now : )

The Clip Cafe  – (Friday, November 19, 2010)  

Hi! I sell on madeit. It works for me as is just a hobby :-) I only have limited time but when I put more into my store (and new stuff every few days) I do sell a lot. I do markets as well - they are GREAT and i make a lot there.

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