it (was) my birthday and i'll cry if i want to...

yesterday was my birthday. i turned 26. i haven't been excited about my birthday for a few years but this year i've been excited about it for ages. almost to the point of counting down the days.

on sunday afternoon i had a lovely afternoon of barefoot lawn bowls and drinks with friends and family. i'd never done this before but was always intrigued. it was so much fun! i had half a sore arse from the lunging you have to do to play, but it was worth it. i also discovered a game that i am better at than my husband. the first ever! so a very exciting time for me hahaa.

my grandpa and myself

husband, mum, me and dad
(younger sister is absent as she lives in south africa. poo to her)

then yesterday, i went to 6am zumba as i always do on monday mornings, and came home to a brand spanking new leopard print bike sitting in the hallway!!
i was very excited.
i'd been hinting that i loved it, but really didnt think i'd ever get it!
i'm also very excited about mum and dad's pressie, as thats an overlocker, but it's still in layby at the moment.

i ended up at school yesterday, but a few of the boys in the class i had made me some lovely wool and pasta necklaces and bracelets. oh and a kite. they were lovely : )
so sweet!

last night was dinner at benihana. yummy teppanyaki.

today i ran out with some birthday money and bought some pretty tape from kikki-k and mt tape.
i planned on getting clothes too, but none i liked in my size : (

when lucas got home from school, i hoped  hopped on my bike and had a ride around and got him to take some pics...

i love my new bike.
i think i'll be just fine on with a pair of training wheels out back!

i was talking to my sister yesterday...

me: i just need a fancy helmet to go with my bike now
sister: a helmet will ruin the look of the nice bike
me: mmm, true, but so will no face after i fall off my bike, which i'm highly likely to do.

the moral of this story...while it's "uncool" to wear a helmet, i will be purchasing one as i am more wobbly than cruisy when on a bike.

tara louise.

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