polly dolly

naughty + nice is this weeks polly dolly challenge theme.

this was done with christmas parties in mind.....

i'm loving the herve lager sequined dress!
i just want to eat it up.

basically on both sides...
a pretty dress.
funky/pretty ring. earrings/necklace to match.
cute little baggy to pop all my goodies in.


tara louise.

Anonymous –   – (Thursday, November 25, 2010)  


Tara  – (Thursday, November 25, 2010)  

thanks : ) loved yours too!

Sara  – (Thursday, November 25, 2010)  

Loving your set. The Herve Lager dress is awesome.

Tara  – (Friday, November 26, 2010)  

it is awesome isn't it!
aaahhh, to be rich : ) haha

Anonymous –   – (Friday, November 26, 2010)  

Yes, the sequined dress is very nice!
What a gorgeous set. :D

Melissa @Suger Coat It  – (Friday, November 26, 2010)  

Oooo. Love the naughty dress. It's so far away from anything I would (or could due to the lumps and bumps) wear. But it is hot.

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