is it 2011 yet?

usually once christmas is over (which i'm pretty sad about this year...i had a great christmas! hope you did too) i'm so ready for a new year it's not funny. the hope that the next year will be better takes me over...especially after a tough year. so naturally, now that christmas is all done, i'm busting to get started on next yr. with this comes how i'm going to try organise myself.

usually i just find a diary and calendar and be done with it. however i get half way through the year and abandon both! am i the only person who does this?? this year i've decided to keep my frankie calendar (you know the one you get for free in the frankie mag?) for the wall but will keep a copy on my desktop. i figure i'm on the computer everyday anyway, why not! and i can't lose it then too : ) i'm also going to buy myself one of kikki-k's 365 books and use it as my diary.

so seeing as i will be creating a desktop calendar for myself each month, i figure i may as well pop it up on here too incase you'd like to use it! this is what i have in may change yet!

you download the file
you then open the file up in your normal photo program and using the text tool write in what you have to do each day.
then save as and open it again.
right click and click "set as background"

this is a screen shot of will obviously get fuller as the month goes on.

i'm still trying to sort out a few details, so will get it up shortly.
are you interested in using this as your desktop wallpaper??
please let me know!

tara louise.

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