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the first post of 2011...exciting stuff!  and in true form i'll do my first post as a catch up from one i wanted to write about last yr..........

in this post i was saying how i'd written a list of blog posts i'd wanted to write then lost it. well the topic of todays post wasn't on that list but it should have been! haha.

i want to share with you a bit of my love for plastic cameras.

(frankie mag. issue 39)

how awesome are these cameras?
pretty, lomo's, crafty.
whats more to love??

there was an article in the latest frankie mag about the diana world tour. basically a world tour of prettied up diana cameras. in one word. awesome. i really want to go and see it!

but looking at this reminded me of a tutorial i saw ages ago in blog land by super talented elsie flanagan over at a beautiful mess.
she fancied up her holga with some paint to create a unique and less black plasticy looking lomo camera.


i don't know if i'm game enough to do it to my holga. i do love it though and the possiblities are endless.

i'm constantly inspired by holga prints. even if none of mine have ever turned out!
there's something alluring about the fact that if you have too much tape/too little tape that your photos won't expose correctly.
and yep you have to use electrical tape to stop light leaking into the sides of the loveable holga.

even with the pot luck-ness of taking a photo with one of these cameras, the pictures are just dreamy.



Holga Circa 2006-2007


so many different styles from one simple plastic camera.

tara louise.

Rick  – (Tuesday, January 04, 2011)  

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Keep up the good work!
Rick @ HolgaDirect

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