the wrapping: my favourite part

it is favourite part of christmas and the giving of presents is the wrapping. i love it. i come up with a new theme each year and stick to it. i get rather narky when i can't follow it for some reason. i like the tree area to look nice and pulled together. this is my theme this year....

red and white polka dot wrapping paper sewn into a bag to fir whatever is going into it OR if it fits into a brown paper bag, a  brown paper bag both sealed closed with one of the following tapes...

gold stripe: mt tape
red graph: typo

this little puffy africa reminds me of my sister (she lives in durban, SA) as we bought them together while i was over there last year. 

(there are a lot more presents under the tree now)

and a wide view....

oh i do love christmas : )

tara louise.

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