polly dolly

keep rollin rollin rollin is the theme for this week.

while others who participated this week have gone down the roller skate, blade, skateboard and ice skating road, the only wheels i've got my eyes on are my brand new bike!
so this is the main feature of this set.

as i'm a pretty useless bike rider a basket on the front was absolutely necessary as i am unable to ride with a bag on.....even a satchel.
i've been busting to get some pretty streamers to hang out the handles (and a set of training wheels!) but my husband keeps telling me it will ruin the look of the bike. he has a point.

i would wear a pair of shorts and simple top with my havs for rides to the beach on a hot summers afternoon.
or for a jazzed up look a long black skirt with top and sandals.
simple......but not so simple to ride a bike in.
hmm, perhaps not so practical but i'd be styling!

i'd love to say i'm cool enough to just wear no helmet or a bowler hat, but i'm not and as i just mentioned i'm a crap  not a confident bike rider. so a helmet is next on my list of things to buy.

i love this spotty blue one. a normal bike helmet just wont cut it.
i ultimately love this one that zoey deschanel wore on yes, man....

and may still have a crack at recreating it, but i've seen a fairy princess one in the kids section of k-mart.
so basically a pink skater style helmet....and luckily i have a small head/kids heads are getting much bigger these days!

oh i love my bike.
go and check out the sets other bloggers have created.

tara louise.

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