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Cooperative Printed Bow-Tieback DressUO Falling Leaves QuiltDiana Mini With Flash en Rose Edition Camera

Dani from danimezza asked, "Imagine you have the chance to win your entire online shopping cart but you only had 5 minutes to fill it. Where would you shop? What would you buy? How quick could you be? "

These 3 things were all i found in 5 minutes. i'm clearly not quick enough! i like to browse slowly and my shop of choice was one stop shop Urban Originals. i regularly pop on over and put things in my shopping basket just to have them sit there and pretend they are going to be bought. actually there was an article in the latest shop till you drop mag about this! very interesting...you get the rush of buying something but it doesnt cost you a cent! much better than window shopping.

Where would you go and what would you buy?? head on over to dani's blog and see where others "shopped" and see what they "bought".
oh, my total for these 3 things were US$307.

tara louise.

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