so that's almost january done.


I didn't mean to take such a break from the blog world. it just kinda happened. thats not to say i'll be back on with a vengance. this past month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. i'm feeling like i've on two seperate rides, with one foot in each. i can't wait until everything settles back down and i get back into a half decent routine. i fall to pieces without a routine. this morning i went out my mum and grandpa and we went op-shopping on the way home (first time opshopping in ages) and this afternoon i've had a bit of time to myself with no one else at home. i've watched some tv, baked and now feel ready to perhaps make something.

it's amazing the little things that make you feel centered and normal again.

(photo found here)
tara louise.

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