polly dolly

anti fashionista

as you can see anti-fashionista was this weeks theme.

in reality....as it is summer and i live on the gold coast, i live in shorts, a singlet top and my havs. i use paw paw ointment for EVERYTHING and use a bag very similar to this one on a daily basis. i am loving a pair of heart earrings i got in the boxing day sales from target for $2.50 and i always wear my heart necklace...a wooden heart on a bit of leather. it's now my weekend wardrobe.

in dream land....i'd wear heels and sequins just to walk around town and the shops (just not appropriate in the places i go shopping!haha). i'd love a marc by marc jacobs bag just like this one. i'd wear red lipstick at all times, but i'd still wear my $2.50 target earrings. i love them that much!

so thats it until tomorrow when the next polly dolly challenge comes out.

tara louise.

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