polly dolly

missed out on last weeks polly dolly.

this week the theme is valentines day. it's a bit of a non event in our household. it's another one of those american commercial holidays. but it is fun sometimes! here's my set for a night out with husband...

valentines day
the first look is a look more appropriate for the gold coast where i live. pretty dress and pretty flats.
the middle look is something i'd love to wear. beautiful lace dress and red suede wedges.
the last look is not so cliche valentines day! a bright sunny yellow dress and tan wedges.
my accessories would be the cute as a button bag to stop everything being so romantic and serious, a slick of my fave red lippy (and it really is the one pictured!) and some pretty heart earrings.

oh i missed polly dolly.

tara louise.

Monique  – (Monday, February 28, 2011)  

What brand of lipstick is it? What colour? I find it hard to get the right shade for my skin.

Tara  – (Tuesday, March 01, 2011)  


it's a maybelline colour sensational lippy and the colour i use is "äre you red-dy".
first red i've ever used that is nice with my skin tone. and it lasts for ages! it's great : )

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