Letterbox makeover

we've been wondering what to do with our letter box for awhile.
it's old and ugly. well was.
i did like the little curly bit on the said though.
while my husband was away and about 2 mins before a big storm i decided to repaint our letter box.

here's my simple tutorial for a revamped letterbox.

1. start with one old tired letterbox. duct tape holding it up is optional.
2. pick some pretty spray paint and a primer.
3. spray the entire box with primer.
(preferably not before a storm. the paint tends to bubble and run if you do this! who would've thought!)
4. cover the bottom part with paper to stop overspray.
5. spray the top in your chosen colour. i chose a metallic charcoal i had left over from another job.
6. wait for the top to dry then cover the top with paper and spray the bottom. you also need to cover the pole.

take the paper off and tada....

...a fnacy new letter box to brighten your day.

in hindsight, i'd suggest trying to get off any flaking paint with a wire brush.
this thought didnt even cross my mind at the time.
once the yellow went on though, i wish i'd done it.
ah well...next time!

tara louise.

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