my new love

and this is her. the diana mini en rose.
oh how i love her to bits!

she was a present from my husband who'd been in brasil.
ps. if you ever go to brasil, they have a great lomo shop in leblon!

there's so many things to love about it.
it's pink.
it has a cupcake on the winder.
and it takes 35mm film.
and you can fit something like 45 shots on a roll of film!
what's not to love!

i've put one roll through so far with my second roll of film in at the moment.
here are my fave shots from the first roll...

(i nearly fell off my bike trying to take this shot! oops)

 ah, i'm in love.
it has gone everywhere with me almost this long weekend.

it's such  a delight.

tara louise.

Mumsy  – (Monday, April 25, 2011)  

Love the new is a new one isnt it? ha ha. Love the pics of new camera and the shots it takes. Will look forward to seeing the next roll...many more to take?

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