love affair: braids

i've been collecting photos of braided hair for a while now. i love the simplicity and ease of it. well they look easy anyway. i had a crack at it yesterday on a whim and i must say, it's my new fave hairstyle. i wore it to work and i didnt even get told i looked ridiculous (i work with my dad and husband so there was a high possibility i could have been told i looked ridiculous!).

both photos from pinterest

                                              A CUP OF JO: A braided crown

i'd read this tutorial a few weeks ago and this was the look i attempted....

as a first attempt and slightly shorter hair than needed i think it went alright.
i wore this look today too, but it works better with freshly washed hair i think.
it doesn't look so neat at the top, but meh. i'm not a perfectionist. 

this is just before i hopped on my bike to go to work.
i felt very european for some reason.

have a go at it.
it's fun and not boring.
way better than a pony tail or bun on top of your head.
(my two looks of choice for donkeys)

tara louise.

Little Pinwheel  – (Saturday, May 21, 2011)  

love it! I think you look beautiful! I am very much into the whole braid thing, and wearing the hair a little different. I will have to give this one a go. thanks! x

Tara  – (Monday, May 23, 2011)  

thanks very much :)

anything different is great! x

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