this past week i've baked....

.....the most delicious red velvet cupcakes, because i'm tired of paying lots for them, i made some bliss balls, i also made some cottage rolls (vegetarian sausage rolls) and i'm calling it baking because i mixed things...a delightful lemon and sugar scrub.

red velvet cupcakes...i substitued all dairy things with lactose free versions.

[the whisk after i'd made my red velvet cakes] 

my very healthy bliss balls

and the simple instructions for the lemon and sugar scrub....

simply pour some sugar (i used caster sugar) into a bowl, squeeze some lemon juice in.
mix with your finger (less washing up then) and apply to your face.

i read this in a magazine somewhere and my it is great.
the sugar scrubs while the lemon apparently eats away your dead skin

rushing off to work now...
tara louise.

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