a nice surprise...

i was looking at the online mag maeve the other day and realised my grandma was in it! ages ago they had asked for your fave photos of your mums/grandmas. this was one of my faves. it was lovely to see her in it. i'd forgotten all about it.

thats my grandma dulcie....the one that's circled.

and after that i was reading the article on barbies and saw my fave barbie i had:

i think she was the first barbie i ever had that i didn't have to share with my sister.
i may have even bought her myself.
just thought you'd like to know my fave barbie :)

did you have a favourite barbie?
if so please share!

tara louise.

hello  – (Monday, June 13, 2011)  

oh that pic of your granny is adorable - she looks so happy and carefree (and glamorous too!)

i was so not a barbie girl when i was growing up but i love the dress on the one you had - i've been forced to become more 'barbiefied' since i had two girls of my own!

Melissa *Suger Coat It*  – (Friday, June 17, 2011)  

Mine is shown here too. i had her, I LOVED her, second from the right. She was awesome!

Until my sister destroyed her!

Tara  – (Saturday, June 18, 2011)  

oh i loved my barbies...my sister had more but we shared...and spoke in american accents while we played. used to crack mum up! we used to take photos of them too....photos of them flying somewhere (in the ice cube tray of course!). oh i loved them :)

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