so it's been awhile

Last weekend was a busy one (which is why i had no time for blogging or anything at home really!) but a lovely one.

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast meet and greet. We had teppanyaki for dinner beneath the Q1 in Surfers, then went upstairs where some of the girls had a room. Let me tell you the rooms in the Q1 are pretty fancy and all with amazing views. I took some photos but only on my phone and well they turned out pretty crap, so I'll send you over to organisers Dani from Danimezza and Dani from Hello Owl's blogs. The photos are much better  :)  So yes I had a lovely night meeting other bloggers in the area.

Then on Sunday I took my crafty bits and bobs to a market at Currumbin State School. I tried changing up my market stall and had a few new things to share. It was such a lovely day in the sun with lovely company in the forms of  Fi from Sister in Style, Amber from  Ella in the Skye and Miranda from Livoop. I sold nothing but got to sit in the sun all day!

tara louise.

Danielle  – (Sunday, June 26, 2011)  

HI. It was so lovely to meet you too. I'm bummed we didn't get to chat more. I was too busy hogging the photos. My bad.

I'd love to catch up again and talk markets, your things are gorgeous!

Feel free to use any of our photos too.

Tara  – (Sunday, June 26, 2011)  

We can make another catch-up day :) Would be great to have a proper chat! Do you do any markets?

oh ok, thanks. might just do that! x

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