for the love of: maxi skirts

it must be the inner hippy (i'm sure i was a flower child of the 70s in a past life) but i love maxi's. i love them dressed, dressed down, boho, glam, worky...any way i can get them (except tiered maxis...they suit no-one). i've just been on a pinning frenzy when i searched maxi skirt diy and sorry for those follwing my boards...i've just clogged up your "pinboards you follow" page with maxi skirts. oops.

oh i do love a maxi skirt.

now i'm on the hunt for easy tutorials to make my own.
preferably not wrap around versions (have made those types) and not the versions that take 10m of fabric (i'm poor).

these are the ones i'm looking into at the moment:

(my new fave blog!!)

(i think this may be the one!)

are there any items of clothing/accessories you just cannot get enough of?

tara louise.

Elizabeth  – (Wednesday, July 13, 2011)  

i am a maxi skirt lover...on other people. i am petite, to say the least, and fear that maxi skirts do not-so-nice things to me!

Tara  – (Sunday, July 17, 2011)  

maybe with a pair of wedges??? :)

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