polly dolly

puffer vests is the theme for this weeks polly dolly challenge. i don't wear puffer vests. never have and probably never will, but i don't mind the odd puffer jacket, so i've adapted this weeks challenge to suit me.

puffer jackets

i have gone with 2 puffer jackets.
same accessories in a neutral shoulder bag, pawpaw ointment for chapped lips (because it's cold) and lashings of mascara (because nothing looks better in the cold than  a pasty white face...because it's too cold to sit in the sun....pink cheeks being freezing cold and lots of mascara).

for the plaid jacket....little flat ankle boots and some simple skinny jeans and a pretty beanie.

for the grey jacket...yellow jeans to jazz up the grey, some cons and a red beanie to add another pop of colour.

i'd quite happily live in these outfits over winter.
anyone wanna buy the whole outfits for me? not even just the ksubi jeans (yellow) or the zara ankle boots?

love them both to bits!

tara louise.

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