Saturday + Sunday

A quick run down of my weekend so far.


Ditched the 10km marathon for my market today.
First stop every saturday morning: Sugar cane juice (with ginger) and a visit to the cake shop to get a gluten and dairy free pineapple and coconut muffin at the farmers market. Also got kettle corn (it's sweet and salty and we are addicted to it but hate picking it out of our teeth for hours after) and my yummy eggs from the organic stall.

Then headed to The Handmade Market: Currumbin. I have had one small table at the market for ages and am getting sick of it and feel like my stall needs to grow up a bit. So after some incredibly tedious  research on pinterest, design sponge and other similar, you know, boring sites I have come up with a stall i'm liking more and more. This was my stall this time. I still need to find time to make more thing to go on my tables though i think.

The rest of my day was spent doing house work and watching TV, then trying to find some hard to find PS3 game with husband.

slept in and woke up late at 8:14am. meant to meet ma and pa at the rsl for a buffet brekky at 8:30. surprsingly we weren't that late and the brekky was yum. then headed up to the finders keepers market in Brissy.

i wasn't too impressed this year to be honest, and the highlight for me was the smoothie cycle place.
you order your drink (my smoothie of choice was one with dates, sunflower seeds, brazil nute, cinnamon, cardomin, honey and rice could actually have different milks! that was the most exciting thing to start off with...i didnt have to have soy!), then hop on the bike and blend your smoothie up. so husband and i hopped on and did our bit to help the environment....and my golly, it was delicious!

and now i am home and have just baked some lemon crinkle cookies (of which i can't find the recipe...thought it was on pinterest. hmmm) while eating olive sourdough, olive oil and balsamic. mmmm.

hope you've had an enjoyable weekend too.

tara louise.

Linda Wilson  – (Sunday, July 03, 2011)  

We like the smoothies too. Also liked Record Attempt, those notebooks made with the vinyl records as a cover and the cool bike helmuts and carry bags.

Tara  – (Monday, July 04, 2011)  

the smoothies were great! such an awesome idea :) yeah i did see that stall.....alex liked that one too. i think the frankie stall was my fave :)

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