Inspired by: Jason Wu

a quick post before i go to work...

the inspiration:

 the inspiration was found on a blog i discovered a few weeks ago and am loving: a pair and a spare | diy fashion

I loved this jumper on the right.

my version:

the top started out as this:

i got to the end and was this short on lace!!
so i pieced a few short bits together (have i mentioned i'm not a perfectionist ?)

i actually thought i was going to be 50cm short, so i was pretty happy i wasnt!

and so i sat on the couch and hand sewed this on, joining two pieces of lace together, while starting at 4:30pm and watching sex and the city 2 movie, the news, bondi vet, bondi rescue, the renovators and half of underbelly:razor,  by 9 something i was finally done!

so yep it took me forEVER, but it was easy and i love it!

and now i have something to wear to work today. brill.

(my best blue steel pose!)

rushing off to work now.

tara louise.

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