Artwork: "3 sides to every story"

This little project I completed last Sunday morning while I waited for Hannah (my sister) to feed bub, bath him and get themselves both ready. It was really quick to assemble. The hardest part was cutting out all the triangles and I'd done most of this while watching tv during the week.

I'd seen this picture on pinterest and fell in love with it:

(I am unable to link to this post as I'm on my phone doing this blog now and have no Internet service. I will put the link up when I get home!)

A simple tutorial followed that required only paint chips, double sided tape/glue, a frame and paper.

It's as simple as : collect a bucket load of paint chips from a bunnings or hardware store in the colours of your choice.

Cut out a load of triangles.

And stick them onto some paper so that all 3 edges meet the other triangles. I chose to use double sided tape as glue would make the paper warp. I also stuck 2 pieces of paper together to give it more strength.

I overhung all the edges of the triangles that didn't fit on the page then trimmed them down at the end. Very technical! Haha

And this is the finished product:

I have done this one in blues and greys as this is going in baby jaylans room. I had planned on having this done before I came over but realised I could easily pack paint chips in my bag. So bought it over here and made it here. I am also making a smaller version to go with this bigger one.

I love this idea. Easy to make yourself and I am planning on making them for my own label/ Market stall when I get back.

Tara Louise.

Surely Sarah  – (Friday, September 30, 2011)  

How marvelous! Looks very cool. I love the blue colours you chose.

tara louise  – (Thursday, October 06, 2011)  

Thanks :) I love them and so simple to do!!!

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